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Customers often come and go but there are certain events they always remember and talk about it in front of their friends and family and they may come back again for it. A hotel is not just a place to relax, it is a place to be adventurous, enthusiastic and more importantly open to options, exploring and experiencing something new. Keeping that in mind, every hotel marketing solution must organize different community and social events to offer their customers something more than just a room to stay in.

Here are 10 exciting community event ideas for hotels planning to step up their game – 

Cultural Food Festivals

Many people like to explore new cuisines and tastes when they are out with their loved ones, these are typically the type of dishes they cannot have at home and therefore induces a spark in the customer to ensure that it is an opportunity to make it happen. A hotel can contact the local eateries and famous food joints to come to one place and celebrate food.

Create Tourist Events

Every tourist is looking for a specific thing, yes the taste is always subjective there are multiple ways to engage a tourist in activities and make their stay more interesting and enjoyable. A hotel-created event makes tourists believe that the hotel cares for them.

Regional mega-markets

A mega market is a place where most people vibe because there is something for everyone, a hotel should also keep it open for shoppers, and outside people as well, to attract more and more crowds. These markets create an environment where most people end up buying more than needed.

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Community Gardening

Gardening is something not everybody knows but, surely, everybody will enjoy. People who are there at the hotel with their partners like to engage in such activities. A hotel that is so full of daily activities ensures that its customers are never bored and leave the hotel feeling empty and blank.

Have a good time outside and invite folks to a Community Garden Day. Throughout the growing season, hold regular gardening events focused on enhancing the appearance of your community.

Contribution Drive

Though it is subjective, many people want to take part in such camps and contribution drives but cannot because their schedule doesn’t allow them to therefore if they are on vacation and come across such an activity it is highly probable for them to take part.

Music concerts


What is the most subtle and easy way to make people come together? yes, music concerts. When people visit a Hotel and experience a concert they will always remember it for a lifetime and will go back and brag about it to their friends every time there is a mention of music because as much as we believe there are a lot of people who have not yet attended a music concert.

A Heritage Festival

A heritage festival mostly talks about the city, and the local folklore and is a way of appreciating the local art and culture. It offers a peek into the city’s regional history and stories. The reason why a hotel must organize all such events is that they are people of every kind and they all have a different set of likes and dislikes but having all such organized helps a hotel vow their customers.

Hold A Neighborhood Field Day

Yes, playing games and letting your customers meet new people and befriend strangers is a great way to start a day for them. A hotel can organize outdoor competitions, carnival games, treasure hunts and all other types of gaming activities. Can have winners and prizes to make it more interesting for them.

Plan An Open-mic Evening

There are modern ways of bringing a whole bunch of people under one roof, and letting people take the initiative and talk and sing their hearts out in front of people, it can be stories, songs, jokes, standups and whatnot.

Yoga And Training Sessions

For some who like to party hard, there is also a crowd who like to be a sense of peace, wake up early, exercise and rejuvenate with the environment and fresh air. Yes, for those kinds of people a hotel can have small Zumba lessons, park yoga, or other active group events planned to encourage wellness and personal development. 

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