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Cool car gadgets are all about making life on the road easier for you and ensuring a safe drive. The internet has exploded with all types of car accessories to promote your time behind the wheel or as a passenger. From car vacuum cleaners to rearview cameras and car air pumps, the choice of genius inventions is limitless, and that too at an affordable cost. There hasn’t been a better time to upgrade your interior or exterior with products that help you in an emergency, avoid accidents and bring whatever you need within arm’s reach.  

It is quite common for today’s cars to come equipped with high-tech features and equipment right from the factory, but for those who don’t like to spend on expensive options and variants, here is a list of 6 car gadgets that you should have in your vehicle.

Practical and Cool Gadgets for Your car

The best car accessories are game-changing products that are essential for everyday driving and long road trips. Life is much more organised when you have a car gadget to help you. It’s also fun to have these items around for comfort, convenience and safety.

Check out these 6 essential car gadgets to upgrade your ride.

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Smartphone holder

The ubiquity of the smartphone has us carrying these devices around in our pockets most of the time, but it can get inconvenient if we don’t have hands-free access to our phones while driving. We may need our smartphones for GPS navigation or to hook up to the stereo system for some music. A smartphone holder is a perfect accessory to mount your communication gadget. They are versatile products that can fit a wide variety of phone sizes and types. It is also easy to connect to a phone charger and use wirelessly to make and receive phone calls.

Heads up display

We often need to glance down at the instrument binnacle while driving to keep a check on vehicle speed and for other information. This means taking our eyes off the road for a split second which can be a safety hazard. A heads-up display provides important information like car speed, driving distance and fuel indicator all at eye level. This safety device fits on top of the dashboard near the windshield so that you can easily view driving details. No need to worry about unexpected obstacles popping up in front of your car when you least expect it.

Portable Tyre inflator

Car air pumps can be purchased for as low as Rs.1000 from popular online car accessory websites. They are flexible car gadgets that can save you in an emergency. Flat tyres are inflated in a matter of minutes with a portable tyre inflator that easily connects to the 12-volt socket on your dashboard. You don’t waste time driving to a fuel station and it is compact enough to carry in your vehicle with plenty of space for cargo.

 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Proper tyre maintenance includes monitoring the tyre pressure to ensure high performance, safety and good fuel economy. A practical car accessory is a tyre pressure monitoring system that connects a Bluetooth device to your car tyre valve and displays the air pressure on your dashboard. Say goodbye to constant worries about low tyre pressure while driving. The tyre pressure monitoring system alerts you when you need to fill up so you can be sure of a safe drive always.

 Car vacuum cleaner

A versatile and handy gadget to have in your car at all times. Car vacuum cleaners make the difference between a clean and fresh interior and a dusty cabin filled with all sorts of dirt. Portable car vacuum cleaners are equipped with quick recharge battery packs and compact dimensions. You can easily stow away the device in your car boot space and have enough room for a spare tyre or luggage. These useful accessories save you from manually cleaning car carpets with a brush and soapy water solution.

Car air purifier

Pollution is reaching alarming levels these days and a car air purifier is a necessity if you need to breathe easily while you drive. Car cabin filters are not sufficient to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria and suspended dust particles. A car air purifier has advanced activated carbon filters that stop toxic fumes, and carbon deposits from car exhausts as well as moisture, fungus and mildew from circulating and settling into the upholstery. These gadgets prevent respiratory diseases in the elderly and those with weak immune systems.


Essential car gadgets from parking sensors to infotainment systems are now standard options on new cars. Still, we may want to upgrade our rides with high-tech conveniences that won’t break the bank.

These 6 car gadgets and accessories are items that car enthusiasts swear by on their daily drives. Consider purchasing these easy-to-install devices to trick out your ride.

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