Server Errors

A website plays the part of the backbone for the branding of a brand; hence, if it contains errors, all strategies and hard work for branding can go in vain. 

As we see, an error message is shown when a user asks for a certain page, and something goes wrong. It is about the error on the page. Therefore, a browser and a server must be able to jabber without mistakes.

Successful Tips to Fix Server Errors on Your Website

In this article, we have come up with the 6 most effective tips to fix server errors to help you gain more customers. 

  1. Long Metadata

Page titles are meant to tell people what the page is about, and most search engines and web browsers will cut off titles that are longer than 70 characters. 

Also, the maximum number of characters for your Meta Descriptions is around 155. Any words over that number will be replaced with “…”, which doesn’t make people want to visit your site as much.

Fix server error; this is easy. All you need to do is get titles and descriptions full of keywords and give a short but detailed summary of what each of your pages is about.

  1. Forms that take a long time to fill out

If you have conversion forms on your website, like “Submit your information”, they should be short and not a hassle for visitors to fill out. 

You also don’t want to scare away potential leads by asking them too many questions, like their job title, age, etc.

Fix server error: Conversion forms are meant to collect enough information to qualify leads and get in touch with them. 

Therefore, you might want to shorten your forms to only ask for the necessary information (i.e., name, email address, company name, etc.). 

Brands need to ensure they fix server errors with a reliable website design services agency. So that their brand image is not affected and customers do not dislike them

  1. Text is too long or too short

You want the text on your website to be perfect. A page with many words and a lot going on risks looking like spam and overwhelming visitors. A page with few words makes your site look unfinished and unprofessional, and having a low word count could hurt your SEO.

Fix server error: Check each page’s content to ensure it contains keywords and well-written, relevant information about your products or services. Don’t just add text for the sake of adding it if it has nothing to do with what you want to say.

  1. Images without ALT text

Search engines can understand the text better than they can understand images, so if your images don’t have ALT text tags, search engines are likely to skip over them.

Fix server error: you need to go through your images in WordPress or your other content management system and give each one a title full of keywords and explain what it is. In many content management systems, you can make this easier by naming and saving your images correctly before uploading them.

  1. Expiring Domain Name

Search engines like to show results from websites that are still being used and have been around for a long time. Registering your domain name for more than one year shows that you care about your business, your site, and the content you put on it.

Fix server error: Review your domain registration and renew it yearly to ensure that your site doesn’t get labeled as “spammy.”

  1. Duplicate Page Content

When you have any duplicate content on your website, it can compete with itself, and search engines will only show results for one of the pages instead of all of them.

Fix server error: Ensure each page has unique metadata (titles and descriptions). In addition, some online tools can search your website for duplicate content that is easy to change.


Doing a technical website audit through any branding services agency is a proactive thing. But it’s a whole different story to be able to Fix server errors. However, most of these website errors are easy to fix, which is good news.

By Payal Goyal

"Payal Goyal is the Sr. Seo Executive with a passion for blogging. She is a good content writer. Her passion, dedication and quick decision making ability make her stand apart from others."

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