Consumer Law

Consumer Law protects the innocent consumer against business malpractices. Consumer spends their hard-earned money in buying the product considering their need and want.

What if they received a damaged product or a different product? 

The answer is to file a complaint against the business with the help of consumer lawyers Perth. Let’s check out how consumer law helps safeguard the help of consumers –

1. Transparency – 

Consumer law ensures transparency between the business and the consumer. Businesses should not hide crucial information related to the product from the consumer like actual material used in manufacturing the product, taxes, how to use the product etc. In case you got cheated by the seller, you are free to go to consumer law to get justice.

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2. Caution

The seller should tell the caution that needs to be taken while consuming or using the product. Failing in doing so will ruin business goodwill in the market by losing the customer’s trust. If the consumer went to the consumer court then businesses have to face the consequences. So in this way, consumer law helps consumers.

3. How to use –

Another important point that businesses need to provide instructions related to – How to use the product. Electric appliances should be handled with care otherwise there will be a chance of heavy damage. If sellers do not mention how to use instructions on the product, in this case, they will be considered guilty by consumer law.

4. Monopoly

Consumer law should make sure that consumer should not get exploited by the seller monopoly. By introducing a monopoly product in the market, sellers exploit the consumer by asking for a high price. These malpractices should be informed to the consumer law to take immediate action against practices.

5. Advertisements 

To create a buzz for their product in the market, brands run misleading advertising campaigns. The basic purpose of these campaigns is to hit the emotion of innocent consumers to boost sales in the market. The dreams they show in the advertisement are different from the actual product. Consumer law has strict punishment against these brands who use such tactics to increase their sales in the market.

6. Aware Consumer

Consumer law authorities run time-to-time campaigns to aware consumer about their rights and duties. Consumer law cannot help consumers until they are not attentive consumers should always demand a bill while purchasing any high-value goods, and check whether the seller is offering a warranty or guarantee against buying any particular product.

Why Choose Commercial Lawyers Perth?

If you are a consumer and have become the victim of such malpractices performed by businesses or brands. Just take assistance from Consumer lawyers Perth, they are having a team of highly qualified consumer lawyers those are having experience of many years. They will assist you with the best solution to fight against such malpractices and get compensation. Other services that commercial lawyers Perth offers are shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, sale business agreements, due diligence, franchising, contract advice, insider trading, restrain trade contracts, entertainment, employment contract, retail-lease-agreement, partnership agreement etc.

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