Since the first Italian immigrants came to these shores and began opening cafes and restaurants in the late 19th century, Italian cuisine has long been a favourite in the UK. The British soon started exploring the nation on their own, “discovering new ingredients they brought to reproduce the delicacies they had enjoyed in Italy.

Today, hummus, shawarma, and falafel are some of the most popular foods in Britain. But it wasn’t always that way, as with many other facets of contemporary British culture. The first few Middle Eastern eateries may be traced to London, which also specialized in Turkish, Lebanese, and Mediterranean cuisine.

These are a few restaurants On favouritetable that serve Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Salotto 31

Immerse yourself in magnificent Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in this place. Offering well-cooked burrata, tuna and tuna tartare is the hallmark of Salotto 31. Tasty tiramisu and panna cotta may be what you need. The wine list is varied and can satisfy the needs of all visitors. Guests are advised to have a collection of good coffee. Most reviewers point out that the staff here are professional. Pleasant service is something people emphasize in their comments. This place offers attractive prices for tasteful meals.


Not only Novelty Automation is worth visiting, but also Isolabella. It’s a great chance to try Italian food, so take the chance and come to this restaurant. Take your friends for a well-prepared chicken with mushrooms, spaghetti carbonara and penne pasta. Isolabella should be recommended for good ice cream, panna cotta and apple pies. Tasty house wine, beer or amaretto are worth trying here. Customers visit this place to order a great espresso, lemonade or juice. The warm atmosphere of this place makes the guests feel relaxed and have a good time. Spectacular service and energetic staff are the big pluses. Also, visitors recommend this restaurant for its low prices. The great decor lets visitors relax.


You can go to this restaurant if you are close to the Gallery and the Clown Museum. Carpe diem – Mediterranean and Italian cuisine awaits you. Taste the well-prepared spaghetti, pizza and seafood offered by Lissome. Start your meal with a delicious wine. This place is famous for its excellent service and friendly staff always ready to help you. This place offers meals at fair prices. From the hosts’ point of view, the atmosphere is charming.

 Trevi Ristorante

Italian food is good at this place. Tasty spaghetti, schnitzel and seafood schnitzel are offered. Many guests come to taste a good tiramisu. Come here and order a delicious house wine. Good coffee receives positive reviews. Trevi Ristorante is known for its excellent service and friendly staff, always ready to help. Here you pay reasonable prices.

Sicily Restaurant

Once the walk around London Victoria Station is complete, head to Sicily Restaurant. This pizzeria offers Italian cuisine to its customers. Many visit Sicily restaurants for perfectly cooked sea bass, stew and gluten-free pizza. The chefs here prepare good tiramisu, cheesecake and panna cotta. Here you can enjoy a delicious prosecco, Italian beer or margarita. Delicious milk, fresh juices or tea are among the tastiest drinks. The musicians play live music in the evenings. This place is recommended for nice staff. Quick service is something these restaurateurs care about. Most reviewers have found that the prices are affordable for what you get.


This restaurant may be one of the best among other Italian places to eat. Several reviewers indicate that you can eat good squid, tuna and spaghetti here. Tasty doughnuts are the tastiest dishes. Start your meal with a delicious wine or a good beer. Based on visitors’ opinions, the waiters serve great coffee. The warm atmosphere of the Calici restaurant allows customers to relax after a hard day’s work. Many people point out that the staff is efficient at this location. The prices here are described as average. According to the guests, the decoration is chic.


Britons love Italy and the Italian lifestyle, and eating refined and delicious Italian food makes it a taste journey. That’s what makes Italian food popular around the world.” “Italian cuisine is traditional, authentic and simple, but made with few authentic and tasty ingredients.” In the 19th century, the legal landscape of French, Italian and American restaurants was the popular, undisputed choice of more diverse options. However, as people tasted the fresh and distinctive recipes of the Middle East, demand grew, and a national trend quickly took shape.

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