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An essay is a short writing piece based on a specific topic or subject. The idea of perfect essay is to thoroughly research the Topic and provide structured information around it along with the writer’s views. In our education systems, coursework, homework, assignments, and essays make up the content of the coursework. Therefore, it has been designed so that the student ultimately grasps concepts well. It is also understandable that the student might find the combination of all aspects challenging to finish, which is why various sources are available online for the student’s aid. You can subscribe to essay help via multiple means like joining groups, forums, professional services, asking peers etc. and get the best help available.

The famous writer Robert Collier has said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”, and that is the absolute truth applicable to a student’s journey. 

As we have understood by now, an essay is a concentrated piece of writing with an inclination or bias in your arguments or views. Essays can be further divided into numerous types and categories depending on the needs. Argumentative, expository, narrative and descriptive are a few of the kinds. It now depends on the course you are pursuing, especially law – on their primary objective of having students write the essay. However, thanks to digital transformation, you can seek help online quickly for the best solutions. You should remember the ultimate aim is to learn immensely from these activities that will help you write the perfect essay. Therefore it is crucial to work hard for them!

Types of Essays

We have learnt by now that numerous kinds of essays exist, and they are assigned depending on the aim of the assignment. The finest selections combine practical knowledge and theoretical concepts learnt in class and produce a perfect amalgamation of the two. A law degree can be highly competitive, challenging and treacherous; hence, you should have some insight into the kinds of essays, tips and tricks for these to do well. 

Narrative Essays 

This type of essay most often requires you to write a detailed story. You must include a cluster of characters, base, reasoning, opinion and ultimate conclusion. In addition, it is essential to note clear paragraphs to allow the reader to understand each facet of the essay.

Descriptive Essay

As the name suggests, this type has to describe a scenario and the plot of your essay very well. Going into extreme depth is what is required in this essay. On a generic note, if a descriptive essay demands you to write about a flower, then, by all means, discuss its colour, fragrance, appearance, and shape – all should be included. The reader should be immersed in the storyline in this kind of essay. Always keep in mind to only use easy language for convenient understanding.

Expository Essay

An expository type of essay is used to look into a problem statement and go on to dissect and explore it. This essay type aims to give more information on the subject. With a complex issue, you should express your opinions well on it. The idea is to break down a more advanced and complicated problem into sizable, easy-to-digest information crisply and concisely.

Argumentative Essay

This type of essay aims to convince the reader of your opinion on the matter. Therefore, your inclination should be justified using your arguments. In these types, facts and data can be used to supplement your claims and statements.

Structure of an Essay

Usually, the structure is pretty standard worldwide for writing an essay. This general flow can help form a pathway for the student to follow. 


The beginning of your essay is the introduction. The subject and matter are explained briefly by the writer in this section. It has to be concise and give a glimpse of what is to follow. 


This is the crux of your entire essay. This section easily depicts how convincing and transparent you are with your concepts. Various points that were briefly mentioned in the introduction can be explained in detail in this section. Smooth transitions from one end to the other should be done ideally. 


This is the ending part of your essay, where you need to summarise previously expressed ideas. A conclusion should not have any new points added to it but should reflect the opinions mentioned already. This should act as a wholesome and satisfying finish to the matter, with no confusion left from the writer’s side.

Essays for your Law degree might require more finesse and data to it. However, the skeleton mentioned above remains generic to all types of essays. Some points discussed below can help you with your law essay. 

Tips to Write Law Essay

Let’s look into these tricks that will help you write your Law essay better 

Selecting the Topic

As essential as this might sound, selecting the right Topic is essential for a law essay. That can be arrived at by having the following answers in mind:

  • The essay’s purpose
  • Instructions meted out by the reviewer
  • Your passion and interest in the subject

All these summed up can help you arrive at a final topic. However, remember you have to stick with the topic for the entirety of the essay; hence choose wisely!

Linking Coursework and Assignments 

The syllabus covered in class contains the fundamentals, basics, theories and concepts of the subject. Hence when writing an essay where practical cases might be present, it is only wise to refer back to these topics for easy understanding. You can also seek law essay help online when there is difficulty in understanding concepts. After all, the goal is to do well and learn a lot!

Decide your Stance on the Topic

The Topic has been assigned to you, and you have completed your research. Now the tricky part is choosing your stance on the matter. Using all the information obtained by your study, wisely assess it and arrive at a position. This stance then has to be justified in the body of the essay; therefore, research meticulously before concluding!

Document Your Journey 

A nifty tip that is useful and comes in handy is to always document the process of your essay writing. This helps you keep track of the points covered and gaps found, redirect any required function, and much more. This also helps you plan for future activities of the essay. Keeping notes is a good practice for a student, in general.

Create a Skeleton for the Essay

It has always been advised that a student should always create a map of the essay before starting it. This gives the student enough time to plan out all activities required. The student also gets this reviewed by a mentor to ensure it is per the essay’s instructions. 

Forums and Study Groups

Some good chats and forums exist on the internet, where one can access complete information and discussions. Students get together to dissect, discuss and argue about cases, giving everyone new perspectives. If a student faces an issue, his peers might be able to help him out and expose him to fresher concepts. This keeps the student updated with all the information needed for the essay. 

Final Words

A student, despite all the research conducted, efforts spent in learning, and reaching out to peers – might end up facing a few challenges. This can be solved with easy solutions now. There are excellent essay writing services available online at a stone’s throw. This makes it easy for students to reach out to these experts and professionals for advice. Since these individuals have had years of experience in the domain, they can guide the student in creating an excellent and appropriate essay. Hence a student can always use these for his benefit and score well. 

The tips above will help you ace your essays throughout your course. You can follow them, adjust them to your needs and reap the benefits of these tricks. The goal always remains to educate the student and help him grow into a successful professional. You should remember to enjoy the process and not feel burnt out. You can always refer to essay help online when in doubt. Last but not least, remember to have fun while writing your essay! 

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