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Among the many different sound systems out there, Final Audio UX3000 is a good choice if you want a high-end audio system for home use. It has a great sound, as well as an attractive appearance and a reasonable price.


Unlike many boutique hi-fi brands, Final Audio makes a solid product that delivers good value for money. In addition to an excellent audio experience, this product features a nice design that makes it easy to carry with you. Its aptX Low Latency codec ensures you get the most out of your music and movies, while minimizing interruptions. It also supports multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone or music player to two devices at once.

The UX3000 delivers a natural, smooth and rounded sound. The bass is rich and articulate, but it doesn’t overshadow the highs. The treble is precise and musical, but doesn’t sound harsh or piercing. It’s also not overly bright.

The soundstage is wide, but not massive. The UX3000 provides a clean, clear, and well defined space, with minimal room dividers between instruments. The x-axis feels slightly confined, but this isn’t a bad thing.

The UX3000 is a good fit for music fans who want a wireless over-ear headphone that is affordable, well-built, and offers a decent level of fidelity. They also have a comfortable earcup, which doesn’t engulf the ear.

In addition to a good bass response, the UX3000 offers a nice amount of resolution. It can handle minor dynamic variations well, but the highs tend to get lost at times. Occasionally, the bass and treble will sound a little hollow, especially when a vocalist has a thick tone. This could be an issue if you listen to a lot of light, chirpy music.

The UX3000’s ANC implementation is solid, and it reconnects quickly with the source after a pairing. Its ability to mask constant ambient noises is also quite good.

The Final Audio UX3000 is one of the best headphones under PS200. It’s also an ideal choice for those looking for a budget-priced ANC model. While this product lacks some features such as an app, it’s still a solid option for those who don’t mind a simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward sound experience.

While it’s a bit pricier than other models, it’s still a good value. The Final Audio UX3000 delivers an exceptional audio experience, and it’s a product that will be easier to live with over time.

Sound quality

Those looking for a headphone that delivers high-quality sound at a budget price might want to consider the Final Audio UX3000 headphones. This headphone offers a nifty combination of a full-range dynamic driver, a new Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and active noise-cancelling. These headphones are well-made, delivering a rich and spirited performance.

The dynamic driver is transparent, offering clean and fast sound. Its lower-frequencies have a slight coloration, but the high-frequencies remain piercing and bright.

The UX3000’s aptX LL codec minimizes time delay and interruptions, so the sound is smooth and free of technical glitches. These headphones also offer a good level of separation. Moreover, they support multipoint connections, allowing users to connect and switch between devices at the same time.

These headphones also have a 25-hour battery life when using the active noise-cancelling feature. They support aptX LL, SBC, and AAC, providing ample functionality. They also have a passive seal, making them ideal for listening to music. In addition, they charge in only 150 minutes. The headphones also have a USB-C charging port.

These headphones are very good at resolving challenging rhythms. They also excel at minor dynamic variations. The highs aren’t harsh or bright, and the mids have good weight and detail. The bass is moderately deep, but it doesn’t overshadow the upper frequencies.

The soundstage is also impressive. The speakers deliver a wide range of tonality, with a warm tonality in the low end and a neutral tonality in the higher end. This tonality allows the treble to extend without interference, while the bass and mids are clear and coherent. The stereo panorama is confident, fanned out to the depths of the room. The soundstage isn’t as expansive as some ANC headphones, but the UX3000 has plenty of space on each end of the scale.

The vocals are rich and expressive. Norah Jones’ voice has great cadence and tone. The bass guitar on Police’s “Message in the Bottle” is textured, and the bass guitar has a reserved impact. Likewise, Sting’s lead vocal remains prominent throughout the song.

The Final Audio UX3000 headphones are about fidelity, and they don’t try to be flashy or overconfident. They’re easy to live with over time, and they deliver a rich and flowing music performance.


Typically, boutique hi-fi brands deliver products that have a mixed bag of features. The Final Audio UX3000 is no exception. It is a great sounding pair of wireless headphones, but it has a number of shortcomings. In general, the UX3000 sounds good, but it’s lacking some of the smarts of some of the more high-end models.

The UX3000 is an over-ear, over-the-ear, Bluetooth, wireless model with active noise cancelling. It has a lightweight, compact design that is easy to carry around. It’s compatible with a wide variety of devices and mobile platforms, including Android and iPhone. It also supports multipoint Bluetooth 5.0. Its battery life is excellent, delivering 35 hours of playback on a full charge.

The Final Audio UX3000 offers an excellent balance of bass, mid-low, and treble. It has a rich, smooth tone and a rich, full soundstage. Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, it has a very pronounced treble section that doesn’t become overly sharp. This means that it doesn’t sound hollowed out, but it isn’t as clear as the soundstage of higher-end models.

The aptX(tm) Low Latency codec boosts transient performance, while minimizing interruptions. This allows you to enjoy music, watch movies, and take phone calls without experiencing a slowdown. The headphones come with a soft carry pouch, a user guide, and a warranty card.

The UX3000 has a high-performance microphone for making phone calls, and it can be used to make web conference calls. Its multipoint connection lets you listen to music on one device while taking calls on another. The headset’s active noise cancelling can also block ambient noise from planes, trains, and household appliances.

The Final Audio UX3000’s foldable design makes it easy to store and transport. Its faux-leather headband feels sturdy and secure, and the earcups don’t engulf small heads. The soft carrying pouch is useful for protecting the headphones when they are not in use.

The headphones are coated with a soft, textured Shibo surface finish. This adds class to the otherwise minimalist design, and it’s fingerprint resistant.

The UX3000 has aptX(tm) Low Latency, a codec that is designed to minimize time delays and minimize interruptions. The codec is also designed to improve lip-sync in movies. The headphones are also compatible with AAC and SBC.


Those interested in noise cancelling headphones can find a lot to like with the Final Audio UX3000. These wireless over-ear models have a solid soundstage and high-performance microphones. They’re also practical, with an integrated USB-C charging cable and soft drawstring carry pouch. The battery should last for around 25 hours.

The UX3000 is one of the better-sounding ANC headphones at this price. They’re well-built, pleasantly light, and offer exceptional noise cancellation. They’re also fairly comfortable. If you spend a lot of time wearing them, however, you may have some difficulty with ear-cushioning.

You’ll want to use them with a cable if you plan on making phone calls. The cable will help you to cut through the treble section. This means that you can enjoy a quieter section of the treble, which can be helpful for listening to music on the go. The UX3000 supports Bluetooth multipoint connection, allowing you to connect two devices at the same time.

The Final Audio UX3000 uses a unique driver design. It analyzes sound samples from both earcups to optimize acoustic characteristics. In turn, this results in a soundstage that’s not constricted, and which allows the instruments to be heard in their full range.

The bass is also strong, and the treble isn’t distorted or smeared by interference. The UX3000 sounds very natural. They’re not overly flashy, and they don’t try to impress you with overconfident bass or in-your-face soundstaging. The soundstage does a good job of handling classic indie dynamics, without blurring individual positions.

You can expect about 25 hours of playtime with the ANC turned on, or 35 hours when it’s off. The batteries charge in 2.5 hours. There’s also a soft drawstring carrying pouch and a 3.5mm jack for wired listening. You can use them with a portable music player, and they’re aptX(tm) Low Latency codec-enabled for lip-sync.

Those looking for a high-end wireless headphone will probably be better off with a pair of Skullcandy Hesh, but the Final Audio UX3000 isn’t a bad choice for the money. They’re made to last, and their sound quality is impressive.

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