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Hundreds of patients come and go from hospitals daily, and they are like mini-cities inside towering buildings. For many emergency room patients, getting the right approvals can mean the difference between life and death.  Patients too become angry if results are slow to arrive, even though physicians expect data to be delivered in a timely manner.  A primary cause of the problem is the use of outdated RIS/PACS software. Find out more by visiting

The debate between administration and physicians is often based on whether or not we should build our own systems? Would it be better to go to the cloud? Are there any cost-effective options?  When selecting a new RIS/PACS for your hospital, consider these top three tips before making a decision that impacts both your patients, your providers, and your physicians:

Keeping things in-house may help, but ownership issues arise. 

It is common for physicians to worry about the cost of a new system when they hear about it.  The question is always one of money. When you develop your own system, it will be easy to increase your support and maintenance costs. In addition, many physicians may complain that their facilities do not provide enough IT support to them.  If so, who is responsible for overhauling this project and resourcing it? The software must always be updated. Do you have the staff to maintain it?

You can remove staff burden by implementing a cloud-based solution.

You can keep costs down and prioritize patient care by using a cloud-based RIS/PACS solution. Ultimately, by increasing ROI by covering costs in time and frustration incurred by trying to get vendors and systems to communicate with each other.

You can streamline your hospital’s workflows to a greater extent using an all-in-one solution.

Having an all-in-one solution allows applications to run completely on a single screen without minimizing and jumping from one screen to another. By implementing a solution such as this, your radiology workflow will be more efficient, consistent, and optimized.

Choosing a vendor for PACS

A PACS vendor should meet clearly defined criteria according to our recommendations. They should be able to meet your current and future needs. In the healthcare industry, it is not in the vendor’s interest to lose clients or gain negative reviews due to their systems restricting growth.

The success of Intelerad’s clients’ practices has been proven through its ability to scale with their operations. Through our support of the practice’s medical imaging technology backbone, we helped PIC transition from one location to seven. We have been able to operate very efficiently because IntelePACS is installed in all seven imaging centers. The need to have a common platform among all locations has become extremely critical; and IntelePACS is very simple and efficient in its use.

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