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Who has not heard the word Marwari or Marwadi? What strikes your mind when you hear the word Marwari? Is it those rich north Indians or do you get an ethnic Rajasthani vibe? Anyway, Marwaris originated from Rajasthan but travelled to different places for business and trade in the olden days. Marwaris, as you may guess, are skilled business people. There is also a saying in Marwari that you will not be able to find a single beggar in the Marwadi community.

Marwari culture reflects the identity and values of the duo Hinduism and Jainism. Marwaris are well known for their traditions and customs. Their wedding rituals and traditions are awesome and with beautiful functions highlighting India,s ethnic traditions. Marwaris have special Marwari matrimony sites with countless Marwadi matrimony brides and Marwadi matrimony grooms profiles. These days lots of Marwari matrimonials have come up with services exclusively for Marwadi matrimony profiles to add to the Marwari matrimony celebration.

Marwaris celebrate all throughout the year and they are very popular for that, especially during the birth of a child and their marriages. Marwaris are pure vegetarians but still, they manage to have 100 dishes at their table and all mouth-watering unique tastes. As said earlier in celebration Marwaris are always in the front no matter how small or big the function is, like when a baby is born and marriages are much grander in Marwari culture. 

Why not make it grand with the best matrimonial sites for Marwari marriage, where thousands of Marwari bride’s and groom’s profiles are available? Up to a great extent, online matrimonial has helped Marwaris a lot in seeking a perfect match, from their own community various Marwari marriage websites are there based in cities like Marwadi Matrimony Mumbai, Marwari matrimony Kolkata, Agarwal Marwari matrimony, Jain Marwari matrimony the Marwari brahmin matrimony. 

So marriage becomes a celebration with these Marwari matrimony sites where thousands of Marwari matrimony profiles are accessible. Marwari matrimony Free Registration is also at your service where registration can be done free and you can update your profiles and also seek matrimony profiles.

Marwari Wedding Traditions

Marwari wedding traditions are great and start two months earlier. Wedding cards are given for printing, The first Marwari marriage ritual is inviting god to the marriage. After that is the Mehendi day, then the Chiknikothli where sisters and daughters of the family will take the bride’s wedding outfit and give it to her. This is a vital Marwari marriage ritual called. Mangal Path where both families gather together with spiritual songs and hymns and invite god for their blessings. Did you think it’s over? NO. It’s actually just started. 

Next is the Haldi where turmeric is applied to the bride and groom. Then the Sangeet where both families gather together to perform various dance programs and actually it’s a celebration. Then is the Dachau where the groom takes Barat, where the groom’s family dances and sings and goes to the bride’s house. After many rituals at the entrance, the groom goes towards the mandap or that sacred place to tie the marriage knot. Then is the Varmala or the exchanging of garlands. This is a different Marwari marriage ritual, 

I think in other cultures the knot is tied then is the exchange of garlands but in the Marwari  matrimony, after the Varmala there would be photoshoot sections and dinner. Then is the important Marwari marriage ritual which is the Phera, where the pandits would chant the mantras and the bride and groom would take seven rounds or pheras of the fire with seven promises related to a happy married life. After the Phera the groom puts a red colour on the bride’s forehead middle partition which is called Sindur. 

This is a meaningful  Marwari wedding tradition. Sindur is a sign that you are married. After that, the groom ties a necklace to the bride’s neck which is called Mangalsutra, and I guess all Indian married women give it great value and respect. After that is the Bidai where the bride says goodbye to her family and becomes a member of the groom’s family. Actually, there are lots more Marwar marriage rituals but these were some of the main ones. Marwari wedding traditions and rituals are endless with so much to explore each time.

If you are a Marwari and seeking your perfect partner,don’t worry, lots of Marwari matrimony sites are at your service with thousands of Marwari brides and grooms profiles. To a great extent, the Marwari marriage matrimony has increased the grand celebration of Marwai weddings.

Marwaris attire also has a very much traditional significance, they always prefer heavy ornaments, and heavily designed and coloured dresses and It also determines their identity and social economic status, religion and region. That is their attire shows a lot of significance in their culture and traditions. Dyeing is actually the art that has made  colours so vital in their dresses

Marwaris are very much tradition-oriented and keep up with all their cultures and customs. Marwaris have a lot of rituals, especially their marriages are very grand and time taking. If you get an opportunity to explore the Marwari tradition and culture, explore it as It is one of the most beautiful cultures of the Indian community.

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