Using Microtopping® on any surface, you can achieve an original, seamless design. Microtopping® from Ideal Work can be used on any surface to transform it and give it a distinct appearance. Creating a surface that enhances the surrounding environment takes only 3 mm of inspiration. As a result of the Advanced Technology and versatile primers used in this finish, it is able to be applied to a wide range of surfaces (concrete, wood, tile, etc.) without the need to resurface them.

Ultraviolet light damages the color of Microtopping® but does not change its resistance to temperature changes. It is significant how easy it is to clean Microtopping® from Ideal Work and how low maintenance it requires. Microtopping® is renowned for its efficient and fast installation with minimal disruption, making it a great choice for surfaces that need to be updated.

Continuity is redefined with Microcement Microtopping®. Those who reject the idea of joints will find it both beneficial internally and externally. The jointless surface Microtopping® creates is ideal for floors, walls, washrooms, shower cabinets, or simply a staircase.

Due to the polymer technology, Microtopping® is unmatched for durability and flexibility, making it superior to any other microcement system.

Microtopping® from Ideal Work comes in a wide variety of colours and tones. Color concentrations and intensity vary based on the quantity of liquid Colour Pack integrated into the Microtopping® mix, allowing Microtopping® to offer customised colours tailored to precisely match your desired hue.

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