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Java is ideal for graphical user interface applications, mobile apps, corporate solutions, embedded systems, and middleware. Python excels in areas where rapid iteration is required, such as prototyping, machine learning programmes, operating system and language development, gaming and graphic design/image processing. Pay is quite suitable for full-stack engineers in general. And whether you’re interested in becoming a Full Stack Java developer or a Python Full Stack developer, you’ll need the same abilities if you want to make a good living at it. 

Full Stack Developer vs Python Developer Salary

Payscale data shows that a full-stack developer in Python makes around INR 3.50 million per year, whereas a Java developer brings in about INR 6.50 million.

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Python Developer vs Full Stack Developer

Java Full Stack Developer 

Simply put, a Java full-stack developer is a web developer fluent in and proficient with all the Java full-stack technologies and frameworks. For effective web app development, they must be well-versed in the Java platform. Technologies such as “core” Java, “servlets,” “REST” API, and “a few more” are all included.

Full Stack Java Developer Skills

The need for skilled full-stack java developers is high in the software and information technology sector. Developers who can act as solution architects, programmers, programme testers, and designers are in high demand in today’s technology sector. A Full Stack Java Developer is a developer with extensive knowledge of Java and associated technologies responsible for all product development aspects. To become the top Java Full stack developer, you must master the following abilities.

  1. First, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques make it simple for programmers to locate and fix bugs in Java programmes. More importantly, it shortens the effort and code required to build reusable programmes.
  2. Java developers must have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the JVM, including the JIT, the JVM options, garbage collection, collectors, and so on.
  3. Project information is safely kept in a database or other online storage service. Put another way, and it facilitates communication and cooperation amongst groups working on the same project.
  4. DevOps Technologies: Java full stack engineers should be conversant with standard DevOps tools such as Maven, Docker, Ansible, and Kubernetes. Developers that want to succeed in their careers should learn DevOps.
  5. Web Architecture: Developers should be familiar with the backend and frontend components of a web project, such as the Domain Name System (DNS), Database Servers, and Cloud Storage.

Python Full Stack Developer

The most crucial levels of a stack are the front end, the back end, and the database technology. In contrast to back-end development, which focuses on the server, front-end development emphasizes the user interface. Finally, the database layer is the third section of the system.

Being a full-stack python developer means you are an expert in all aspects of developing websites using Python. However, do not assume that a full-stack Python developer will never have to learn anything beyond Python. All aspiring web developers should familiarize themselves with HTML, CSS, and JS, at the very least.

Python Full-Stack Developer Skills

Python was created with readability in mind. Due to its ease of use, flexibility, and general usefulness, it is a top pick for anything from little web apps to full-fledged operating systems. A full-stack developer is responsible for the front and back end of a website. A website designed by a full-stack developer has attractive appearance and robust features.

  1. Fluency with the front-end languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 is essential for any expert Python developer.
  2. Ability to debug: They should know how to print out variable values, change the program’s flow, and use a debugger, among other techniques.
  3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: In a world where data science is at the core of everything, developers who have mastered ML and AI algorithms will have a distinct advantage.
  4. Python Shell: Knowing how to take use of Python Shell is crucial, as it may help developers save a lot of time when testing freshly created scripts.
  5. Object Relational Mapper: ORMs (Object Relational Mappers) facilitate the development of digital object databases. As a result of employing an ORM, one need not switch to writing in SQL in order to construct and modify data structures; rather, one may continue to write in Python.

Future Prospect

A developer with a comprehensive stack of skills is like a “T-Shaped” developer, who is well-versed in both a narrow specialty and a broad variety of more general topics. This will aid in their maturation into versatile, irreplaceable players. As a result of their teamwork, expertise, and concentration, groups are able to flourish and provide better results.

Due to their familiarity with all aspects of software development, such as user interface, back-end, and front-end, full stack engineers are in high demand. At the same time, this position calls for someone who is fluent in more than one programming language or framework and who stays abreast of developments in a wide range of technologies. 


We hope this article has helped you in understanding about  Python Full Stack Vs Java Full Stack Developers, their skills, scope and salary range. In case you want to have a better in depth knowledge about Java Full Stack Development, you can enroll for the courses offered by The IoT Academy. 

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