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These days phones are not just a device to make calls; instead, people store personal data, bank information, photos, etc., in them. Hence, losing a smartphone doesn’t mean losing just a device; the risk of any unauthorized person accessing all your personal information is also associated with it. In India, mobile phone thefts are rising with an increase in the use of smartphones. Once you lose your smartphone, it’s nearly impossible for the police to trace it as these days, thefts dismantle the stolen devices immediately and sell them in parts to mobile repair shops. It also makes tracing the stolen mobile with IMEI numbers impossible as the device won’t be active. Therefore, it’s better to ensure the safety of your smartphone and protect it from thieves.

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Tips to protect your smartphones from theft

  • Set a screen lock 

Putting a solid passcode is the first step to protecting your device. Every smartphone available today allows you to put in a passcode. Even several devices come with fingerprint scans and 3D facial scanning technologies. These methods ensure higher security of your handsets than traditional methods.

  • Set PIN for your SIM card

Setting a PIN for your SIM makes sure that any unauthorized person can’t take your SIM and make calls from it. If you set a SIM card PIN, you need to enter it every time you restart the device or insert the SIM into another device. 

  • Protect sensitive apps with a password 

You can protect all sensitive apps, like mobile wallets, banking apps, etc., with a password or PIN. If you use app lock for more than one app on your device, keep different passwords for each to ensure more data security. 

These days in-built security apps are available on many android devices. If your device does not have one, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Most of these security app locks are free and easy to use. A security app installed on your device does not mean you must lock all your apps. Do it only for sensitive ones; otherwise, you may find challenges if a technical glitch occurs.

  • Enable data encryption on your device

Data encryption protects your data against theft from mobile devices. If data encryption is enabled on your device, then the files stored will be encrypted by default, and no one will be able to read those files without entering the encryption key. If your smartphone runs on an operating system below Android 5, you need to activate it manually, and for others, it’ll be enabled by default.

  • Take data backup periodically

If you take a backup of your mobile data periodically, you don’t need to worry much, even if you lose your device. All you have to do is just download a copy of that backup on your new device. It won’t take much time to take a backup of your device. 

  • Buy a mobile theft insurance plan

While purchasing a new device, do not forget to buy a comprehensive insurance plan for it. Mobile Device Protection is a comprehensive mobile insurance plan covering risks like theft and accidental damage. It also covers the repair and replacement cost of parts up to 100% of its base value. With the Mobile Device Protection Plan, you’ll get access to the F-Secure SAFE Mobile App which offers a plethora of security features. The most striking features of the F-Secure SAFE Mobile App are: 

  • Theft coverage plan in case your device is stolen.
  • Remote data wipe
  • Remote locking 
  • Protects your device from viruses and malware.
  • Blocks harmful websites that try to scam you and thereby strengthen the safety of your device.
  • With the F-Secure SAFE Mobile App installed on your device, you can access public networks without worrying about privacy. The F-Secure FREEDOME VPN ensures the privacy of your messages, passwords, browsing, and personal details.
  • ID PROTECTION feature of the F-Secure SAFE Mobile App protects your passwords from prying eyes and sends you a notification in case it leaks online. Thus, you can take timely action to prevent identity theft.
  • Blocks SIM card if your device is stolen
  • Remotely locate your stolen device using GPS.
  • IMEI registration

A few other benefits of the Bajaj Finserv Mobile Device Protection Plan are: 

  • Accidental damage cover to both handset and screen
  • Coverage for damages due to liquid spillage
  • Temporary smartphone replacement service. If your device has been stolen, the insurer will provide you with another smartphone that you can keep for up to 7 days. You’ll get this temporary device within 24 hours of reporting the theft to the insurer. 
  • A free annual subscription to ZEE5 and Gana Plus.

The premium of the Mobile Device Protection Plan varies with the device’s price. You can buy this mobile theft insurance online within 60 days of the new device’s purchase date.

We protect your mobile device with a comprehensive mobile insurance plan. We offer a range of value-added services such as F-Secure Mobile Security, Gaana Premium subscription, and unlimited local and STD calling to 10+ countries. Save money on expensive repair costs by having our insurance plan in place!

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