Earlier this week, Spotify experienced an outage that left hundreds of thousands of users unable to listen to their favorite music. The outage lasted all of one day, but it still generated an enormous amount of attention and criticism. 

The company quickly apologized and offered a free three-month subscription, which is valued at around $30. Now, Spotify is back and stronger than ever, and the company is looking to take on the next big challenge in music streaming. 

After the major outage that shook the music world, Spotify is looking to get back on its feet and reclaim its spot as one of the “big three” of streaming music services.

How Does Spotify Bounce Back?

Following the outage, Spotify customers were out of luck. However, the company quickly bounced back, and by the end of the day, it had fixed the issue. Spotify’s response to the outage was a good example of how the company handles its business. 

It was quick to react, and it fixed the problem quickly. The company also made sure to address any customer concerns, offering apologies and explanations.

How Does Spotify Compare to Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited?

Spotify has had a rough year. The music streaming platform was forced to take a $100 million write-down in April, and was hit with the departure of its co-founder and chief executive. The company has also been plagued by a series of outages and privacy issues in recent months. 

But the company announced on Thursday that it has begun to recover, reporting that its revenue has increased by 26 percent. The company also announced that it has gained a net 88 million subscribers since the beginning of the year. While Spotify has gained new users, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited have been gaining subscribers.

Spotify’s New Features

Spotify has regained its footing after previously facing a service outage, and its new features are a big reason for that. The music streaming service has announced a new social media platform that is designed to be more open and engaging than its old one, and it has also unveiled a new feature that allows users to share their custom playlists with their friends.


Spotify, which was down for four hours on Tuesday, bounced back the following day. Discord, which was down for nearly six hours, was back online on Wednesday.

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