Co occuring Disorder

In the US, millions of people are suffering from different mental health disorders. And the risk of mental health disorders is so high in those people. And one of the mental health disorders by which those people are affected is substance use disorder. When mental health disorder combines with drug addiction then it is also known as co-occurring disorder. Co occurring disorder takes place when a person has any mental health disorder and it is not reduced or treated by medicines and Treatment then it becomes more risky. 

Symptoms of substance use disorder and symptoms of mental health disorder combine and make the worst condition. Physical health also gets so bad due to drugs and alcohol and due to this the treatment of mental health disorder becomes so difficult.

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Symptoms of Co Occurring Disorder

According to doctors for anxiety near me, There are no prominent or special symptoms of co-occurring disorders by which a common person can diagnose it. Any common person can’t guess that it is a co-occurring disorder or any other mental health disorder. The mental health professionals can diagnose the symptoms of co-occurring disorders.

But if the symptoms are analyzed then helping and treating Co occurring disorder becomes easy. Its symptoms are the same as other mental health disorders and substance use disorders but these are only diagnosed in those persons who are already suffering from any other mental health disorder or substance use disorder. 

Changes in Behavior

Behavior of that person who is affected by Co occurring disorder immediately changes so badly and negatively. He starts doing weird things and he also thinks so weirdly. His behavior becomes so bad and dangerous.


Suicide thoughts comes to the mind of that person so much who is affected by Co occurring disorder and sometimes he makes the plans of suicide because he have no more control on himself and then due to this he feels so much irritation and he went to isolation and then suicide thoughts and plans comes to his mind. 

And sometimes he attempts suicide so it so much risky disorder. He attempt suicide because he becomes very weak and he can’t face and fight with difficult situations and he thought that after death everything will be resolved and that is why he attempts suicide. Cbt therapy near me help to control your thoughts.


Interest of that person loses completely who is affected by Co occurring disorder. It seems that he is not present in this world. He lives in his own world, he is worried only about himself all the time that he has to do which thing, and moreover his interest is also lost in normal activities. It becomes so difficult To complete daily tasks and due to this his mood swings changes so fastly. His mood changes in just a minute.

Use Substances

The person who is affected by a co-occurring disorder, uses substances so much and his control on himself is not anymore about how he has to leave taking alcohol or how to not drink alcohol. Even his condition became so bad or dangerous but he did not stop drinking alcohol. He feels more desire to drink alcohol and he believes that if he does not get alcohol then he will not get peace and rest. And this becomes so painful and he can’t live without drinking alcohol or drugs even for a minute. 

Neglect Health

He is not worried about his health anymore and he neglects hygienic health and keeps on using substances and he even uses substances in that condition which is so dangerous for him and unsafe for him. And due to this his physical health also becomes so much disturbed along with mental health disorder.

Changes in Routine 

Changes in daily routine occur so badly in a person’s life who is affected by a co-occurring disorder. Changes in sleeping, eating, etc occur so much. And due to this his physical condition also becomes bad. An intense problem is a warning sign for him. 

Causes of Co Occurring Disorder

Finding the exact Causes of co occurring disorders is such a difficult task but the National Drug Abuse explained that using substances in a mental health condition is so risky and dangerous. So that’s why don’t give drugs to a person who is affected by mental health disorder. Because drugs give him relief for some time but after some time his condition becomes the worst. And to control Co occurring disorder will become so difficult. 

And this is also a difficult thing that mental health condition and addiction both becomes in the same case. Drugs have so many bad effects on the brain. Trauma, environmental factors, addiction, mental illness, etc are the cause of co-occurring disorders.

Is co-occurring the same as dual diagnosis?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis. Are they the same thing? Well, kind of. Co-occurring disorders refers to a situation where someone has two or more disorders at the same time. Dual diagnosis, on the other hand, is when someone has both a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. So while they’re similar, they’re not exactly the same.


In conclusion, you should not ignore co occuring disorder and get proper treatment. To get know about its symptoms and causes. You can read carefully this article. So, don’t be panic and get treatment as soon as possible.

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