Ghana is located in the heart of West Africa and is one of the most easily accessible, safest, and vibrant countries. Those who go to Ghana get greeted by the warmest smiles, buzzy and open arms, and vibrant energy, although Ghana is less visited than any other African country. So, without further ado, we will discuss things you can do on the weekend in Ghana.

Our travel guide targets to cover every ideal thing to get done in Ghana, several of which are almost near Accra, the capital city. However, there is a couple of further afield in one of the administrative regions. Ghana travel guide has got you covered if you are searching for day trips or even during the weekends, even if you plan to do some of the most astonishing things here.

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1. Hiking Through the Boti Falls.

Boti Falls is the most favored one for both the locals and volunteers. The magnificent twin falls are female and male, as noted by the local legends. The ideal visiting time to Ghana is during the rainy seasons whenever water starts flowing in greater force, and the two falls are mentioned to mate.

You can start hiking the steeper climbs to check out the prominent giant rock formation known as the Umbrella Rock in the shape of an umbrella where the visitors are resting. The walk is a bit challenging; however, the mountainous views are worth it. You should wear stronger shoes and carry bottled water to stay hydrated.

2. Dive Deeper into the History of Cape Coast.

It is never possible to visit Africa without any acknowledgment of its tough past; however, there are greater opportunities for learning about the history of the African slave trades in the former capital city of Ghana.

The historic Cape Coast Castles served as the major hub for slave trading during the 17th century. You can start taking the guided tour through the darker dungeons, which had once housed 1000 slaves tracing their footsteps through “The Gate of No Return” that slaves pass through before boarding the ships heading to the West.

3. Strolling at the Surface of the Treetops at the Kakum National Park.

Whenever you are volunteering at the national reserves and parks in Ghana, where you can pick to work and live at the Kakum National Park, you should start adding this tropical rainforest to the list of stops if you visit near the Cape Coast, even if you are not volunteering at the parks.

4. Spending an entire day at the beach.

Always take a moment to cool off by visiting one of the beautiful beaches for the ultimate Weekend Entertainment in Ghana. The beaches include Kokrobite, Bojo Beach, and Labadi Beach, accessible from Accra.

You will attain a greater glimpse of the energetic and vibrant culture of Ghana, which you are visiting. The beach tends to become busier with the performers who play live music, with people dancing and playing various beach games, and vendors selling drinks and food during the weekends.

5. Practicing Your Skills of Negotiating at the Makola Market.

Accra’s Makola Market is one of the massive ones in West Africa, and you should stop for an up-close look at the local cultures. You will locate anything ranging from street food to souvenirs and clothes. However, if you do not plan on spending, it is worth visiting for the experience.

So, what is the experience here? You can prepare for various sounds, scents, and colors, along with people everywhere. Some vendors try to sell the goods if you are white, as the prices can increase. It is your best opportunity to try out Twi and counter the ideal offers. For first-timers, things become a bit harder; however, it is a lot of fun if you have an open mind.


Today, this guide to the fun-filled activities you can try out in Ghana will help you plan accordingly. Ghana is the safest, most stable, most beautiful, and an amazing destination with complete vibrancy. You can surely go through the most enchanting experience, whether you spend time in Ghana between the beaches and the city or travel a bit further.

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