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Pets love surprises and gifts, they excite them and serve as great options to strengthen the unique bond with the pet owner. Searching for top pet gifts can be a tricky affair, more challenging would be the task to select brands that offer excellent quality, robust build and value for money.

To save you the trouble of scrolling across the mazes of Google, our experts spent timeless hours curating a list of top 10 brands across several categories, that would help you make a better-informed decision. 

Without further ado, let’s start things off to get you the best pet gifting options.

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1.Top Brand for Pet Food- Pets world

Petsworld is a leading brand to shop for pet food supplies. They have great promotional offers, offer competitive pricing and speedy deliveries. They have a great collection of food brands to help make better choices and give your pets nice, tasty and nutritional food that enhances their growth and development.

2. For Pet Painting – Pawstro

    Special bonds call for special gifts and need to be celebrated accordingly. Digital pet paintings are one such beautiful gifting option that not just awes the pet and their owner, but also makes the visitors a bit teary-eyed in a good way. The professionals at Pawstro are sure to make the digital dog paintings come to life with their skill and make the paintings a part of history to be cherished upon. Just give the artists at Pawstro a chance and you will fall for the results literally!

     3.  For Pet Toys- PawsIndia

Pet toys are for sure exciting options, they attract pets like none other. Give a pet a new toy and see their reaction, you would be amazed. PawsIndia offers a wide collection of toys from interactive ones, ropes and fetches to soft toys. The quality and extensive range is reason enough to shop from this website.

     4.  For Pet Grooming- HeadsUpsForTails

Pet grooming is neither a cosmetic task nor a task to make your pet win a fancy dress competition. It is the ever-essential hygiene that needs to be taken care of. Headsupsfortails is a website with express 24 hours delivery, a wide range of 150+ brands and 7 days return/exchange policy. The collection here is sure to cover all the basics of pet grooming well plus augment it with some add-ons, a wonderful option for pet gifts.

     5.  For Pet Raincoat- Supertails

There is one thing with pets, either they just love water or they just hate it. Whatever the case, barring a few water splashes, it is important to take care of your pet during the monsoon or in heavy rains, as there are high chances they might get infected & be sick. Supertails is a great website that has variety and variations when it comes to pet raincoats, the bank offers discount coupons, and adds the cherry on the cake.

      6.  For Pet Harness, Collar & Other Small Accessories- Poochles

Poochles is a wonderful pick when it comes to opting for harnesses, collars and leashes as pet gifting options. It has a trendy collection of these collars and leashes, in multiple sizes and variations to give you that best quality product. The other accessories section for bandanna and dog tags are great additions to an already diverse range of pet gifts.

      7.  For Pet Shirts, Mugs & Sippers- Etsy

Personalized pet gifts convey a special meaning when it comes to surprising a pet and the parent. Pet Tee shirts for both pets and their parents, personalized sippers, mugs, bags, hampers, and towels are some of the many options that can be explored. Etsy is a great website when it comes to these options, its modern designs, affordable price tags and mobile app are sure to give customers great choices and excellent products.

       8.  For Pet Treats – Dogsee

Treats are an exciting option when it comes to gifting purposes. They can be given during training, as rewards for performing tasks well, plus sometimes to break that monotonous food cycle and offer something new. the nutritional value, natural sourcing, and no minimum amount for free delivery are few of the stand-out features of websites like Dogsee. It offers a plethora of pet treat options in custom build, sizes and flavours.

        9. For Pet Beds – Hiputee

Hiputee is a one-stop shop for all pet comfort and housing issues. People usually take pet comfort lightly and make pets right from the baby’s stage to a full grown-up house in all sorts of homemade things. They try some bizarre self-made techniques to make pet beds and then forcefully make them adjust to those strange surroundings. Hiputee offers comfort and durable pet beds to make sure the pet feels homely and at ease with his surroundings. The attractive discounts and huge range serve as added benefits.

      10. Pay a Visit to The Pet

Yes, this is not a brand recommendation but a personal touch, we are talking here, no amount of artificial gifts could ever cover for a strong bond between pets and humans. Visiting your friends or family pet, spending time with them, and playing with them would work wonders in making the pet friendly and a family member for us. After all attention and quality time is the most valuable birthday pet gift they are eager to receive. Go and play with them!

Some Closing Thoughts:

With multiple websites and avenues in the market to choose from as gifting places, searching for the one that stands out in quality, build and performance is not an easy task. Our experts did extensive research to shortlist top recommendations that can be the best gifting websites across categories. From food, and accessories to digital dog portrait the options are plenty. Make sure to check out those and let us know which one you liked the most, in case you purchase something, don’t forget to leave a thank you note here, we would love to read it.

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