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Day by day, webinars are gaining popularity and are becoming an important part of many businesses. Moreover, webinars have become a new norm for online meetings and events. Webinars are one of the most affordable ways to put your point across in a very effective manner. Not only this, the webinar lets you build authority in your niche. One can host a webinar while astonishingly sitting in a remote location so that he can engage with the audience.

Is hosting a webinar that easy? Or How can you host a webinar at no cost?

Yes, hosting a webinar is not a big deal. With the help of the right webinar software and proper planning, you can host a fruitful webinar in no time. 

Let us explore the blog and see the top free ways to host a webinar.

But before moving towards the top free ways of hosting webinars, let us take a quick brief about webinars.

What is a webinar?

Webinars is an online version of the seminar. Audiences gather over a digital platform and listen to the speakers. Webinars are informative and interactive, where speakers can communicate and engage with the audiences in real time.

Audiences can also ask questions to the hosts or speakers. 

Earlier webinars were only used for online education, but now every other industry counts on them to promote their products and services. As mentioned above, webinars have now become the utmost important part of industries. From education to the health sector, webinars are playing a pivotal role.  

How can you host a webinar for free?

For hosting a webinar, you need to have a device with a good quality webcam and microphone, an internet connection, and the best webinar software. Several platforms allow you to host live webinar pre-recorded webinars for free. A few of these platforms include Mixhubb, Zoom, LiveWebinar, etc. Moreover, you can also choose Facebook Live, YouTube, and Instagram to host your webinar.  

If you are ready to host your first webinar, then follow this easy step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth webinar.

  1. Pick up a topic.

So, the first step in the webinar journey is to select the topic. Choose a topic that is relevant for a large audience base. Ensure the topic you have selected is informative and motivates the audience. The title of the webinar should intrigue your attendees and keep them interested in your webinar. To generate interest, you can also add the name of the guest speaker in your title.

  1. Schedule the date and time for the webinar:

According to most research, not all days and times are suitable for the audience to attend the webinar. Therefore, make sure you choose a time and date that work well for attendees of different time zones. Research it and know the best date, time, and day to attract a large group of audience.

  1. Customize your landing pages:

Make your landing attractive to grab the attention of visitors. Add all the necessary details of the webinar to it, emphasizing the importance of attending the webinar. Make sure you have added the guest speaker’s bio.   

Moreover, you can customize your landing page according to your brand’s requirements. You can add the logo, color, and image of the brand to maintain consistency. 

  1. Promote your webinar:

Promotion of webinars is the utmost important step while conducting a webinar. Only because of promotion, the world will get to know about your webinar. Apart from paid promotion, promote your webinar on various social media platforms. You can also create a hashtag for the webinar. A hashtag will give opportunities for audiences to talk about the webinar. 

  1. Send invitations:

After the promotion of the webinar, the next step is to send invitations to the audience. Send invites to all the targeted contacts in your email list. To attract more attendees write posts or blogs with the registration link embedded. 

  1. Prepare the content of the webinar:

While preparing the topic, make sure you have mastered the topic. Make your slide engaging and attractive. Use images, audio, videos, and graphics in your presentation. To keep the discussion on track, you can make short points about the topic. The use of handouts, questions and answers, and polls will be an added advantage. As these will keep attendees hooked up to the webinar.

  1. Choose the right platform:

To host an interactive, engaging, and fruitful webinar, you need to select hassle-free webinar software. The right software will assist you in every stage of the webinar’s journey. 

From execution and promotion to analyzing performance, the right webinar software makes your journey very smooth. Moreover, webinar platforms offer several features like screen sharing, video sharing, app sharing, recording, and a virtual whiteboard for your effective presentation. To make a webinar engaging, a webinar tool offers various engaging and interactive features like chat, polls, Q&As, quizzes, etc.

  1. Do take a dry run before the event:

Before hosting the webinar, make yourself and your speaker comfortable with the all in one webinar platform. To ensure a smooth session without any technical glitches, take a dry run beforehand. Test audio and video features. Ask the service provider to tell you about the features of the webinar platform. 

  1. Host your webinar:

Now that you have prepared well for hosting your first webinar, present your content with confidence. Start your topic with a quick introduction of yours. Afterward, introduce the topic and emphasize its importance to maintain the interest of attendees. You can build a story while presenting your topic. For effective communication, share your screen with the attendees. Make sure you have recorded the webinar so that you can use it for future reference or share it with the attendees who missed the webinar.

  1. Send Follow up emails:

After the webinar is over, don’t forget to send follow-up emails to attendees. Gently send them a thank you email asking for their feedback and suggestions. Also, to keep the conversation going, ask attendees to join you on social media platforms. Track the performance of the webinar using the data analytic feature offered by the webinar platform.

11. Share your webinar recording:

To reach out to more audiences, you need to share your recording on various platforms. A recorded webinar is an excellent way of generating leads even after the live streaming.

Now you know how to host a free webinar. By following these steps, you can host a webinar without much effort.

But the success of your webinar depends on the level of your promotion and the webinar platform you have chosen for hosting the webinar. Promote your webinar well, so that you get the maximum number of attendees for your webinar.

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