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The number of people who read and write books has grown a lot. Through audiobooks and e-books, digital media has made it easier to write books. And ghostwriting services companies have made book releases easier than ever to write a book. Every day, we get to see new writers come out and several books release.

Do you like to read and write books? Here is a list of the best new books release written by US authors. Let’s check it out.


  1. The Magnolia That Bloomed Unseen by Ray Smith 

One of the most-sold books release this year. So starts the story of Molly Valle, who at age 48 thinks she knows everything about life as a single middle-aged woman, which is that men will treat her badly and ignore her. But when the handsome activist John Pressman moves to her hometown in Mississippi, he puts her self-doubt and almost everything else in her life to the test. Soon, Molly finds a strength and beauty she didn’t know she had, as well as a love so strong that it can get her through the worst things that can happen.

The Magnolia That Bloomed Unseen is a story about love, an adventure, and a journey to discover more about yourself. It reminds women and men of a truth they may have forgotten: you are unique and deserving of love, and it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.

  1. The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim 

The second most sold books release in recent years. Princess Shiori promised to give the dragon’s pearl back to its rightful owner on her deathbed, but doing so is more dangerous than she ever thought.

She has to go to the kingdom of dragons, deal with political intrigue from both humans and dragons, and protect the pearl from thieves who want it for themselves and will do anything to get it. She also has to look like a perfect princess to stop those who want to burn her at the stake because she has magic in her blood.

The pearl itself isn’t like any other cargo. It has evil power that makes it help Shiori one minute and turn on her the next, threatening to break up her family and cut the thread of fate that ties her to her true love, Takkan. Shiori will need all her strength to protect the life and love she has worked hard to get.

Shiori will need all her strength to protect the life and love she has worked hard to get.

  1. Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel 

So starts the story of Kaikeyi. As the only daughter of the kingdom of Kekaya, she has grown up hearing stories about how powerful and kind the gods are: how they churned the vast ocean to get the nectar of immortality, how they beat evil and make sure Bharat does well, and how they give powerful gifts to the wise and the religious. Still, she watches as her father sends her mother away without any ceremony and listens as her value is based on how good a marriage alliance she can make. And when she asks the gods for help, it doesn’t seem like they hear her.

She wants to be able to do things on her own, so she turns to the books she used to read with her mother and finds magic that is all hers. With this power, Kaikeyi goes from being an unnoticed princess to being a warrior, a diplomat, and the most popular queen. She is determined to make the world better for herself and other women.

But when the evil from the stories she heard as a child threatens the universe’s balance, her path goes against what the gods have planned for her family. Kaikeyi must decide if fighting back is worth the damage it will cause and what kind of legacy she wants to leave.

Kaikeyi is a story about fate, family, courage, and heartbreak, told by a strong new voice. It is the story of an extraordinary woman determined to leave her mark on the world.

  1. A Magic Steeped in Poison by Judy l. lin

The only thing that hurts Ning more than losing her mother is knowing it was her fault. She accidentally made the poison tea that killed her, and now that same poison tea is threatening to kill her sister, Shu.

Ning goes to the imperial city to compete in a contest to find the best Shennong-shi in the kingdom. Shennong-shi is a master of the ancient and magical art of making tea. The winner will get a favor from the princess. This may be Ning’s only chance to save her sister’s life.

But between competitors who backstab each other, bloody court politics and a handsome, mysterious boy with a shocking secret, Ning might be the one who is in more danger.

  1. The man who saw everything by Deborah Levy

One of the top books release recently, but it talks about history. It is 1988, and Saul Adler, a young historian with a big ego, has been asked to do research in Communist East Berlin. In exchange, he must write a positive essay about the German Democratic Republic. Saul’s girlfriend will take a picture of him standing in the crosswalk on Abbey Road, like the famous album cover, as a gift for his translator’s sister, a huge Beatles fan who will be his host. While he’s waiting for her to come, he gets hit by a car, which changes the course of his life.

The Man Who Saw Everything is about how hard it is to get a clear picture of ourselves and others. It talks about the ghosts of old and new loves, past and present versions of Europe, conscious and unconscious transgressions, and real and imagined betrayals. It also looks at how history repeats itself and how people in power change it. Here, Levy explores the vast reaches of the human imagination while deftly blurring the lines between the two sexes and the two political parties.


These are some of the new books release by both new and experienced authors. People think these books are the best because their sales increase quickly.

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